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Vibrational Healing Center-Marie Menut Heals with Himalayan Singing Bowls

Today, bowls and tingshaws are used for both diagnosis and the treatment of trauma, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Their resonating tone changes as they are moved and sounded over your body, indicating blocks in a your energy field. Once the energetic blocks have been identified, the vibrational sound waves produced by the instruments are used to clear and re-balance the energy in your body. Marie uses her intuition as well as her nursing knowledge working with her bowls, sounding them over specific spots to direct the healing vibrations into the energetic block.

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Marie uses Tibetan Singing Bowls and tingshaws to channel Vibrational Healing. Known as the Himalayan Sacred Sound Instruments, they were used in ceremonies, meditation and healings. The bowls, themselves originated in ancient India, then found their way into the Himalayan Mountains, to Tibet, Napal and Butan. It is believed that Tibetan Shamans breathed prayers into the bowls as they made them, pounding them with hammers to shape them into the different sizes and shapes to produce the desired tones and pitches of these wonderous instruments.


Learn the therapeutic art of sound-healing.  Classes by Marie Menut, RN a multidimensional healer, who has had training and experience in hands-on healing, Therapeutic Touch, Healing Touch, Energetic Healing, and is a Reiki Master. She is also a Chaplain and Grief Counselor. Marie has discovered that the vibrations of these Himalayan Sacred Sound Instruments reach the very cells of your body, stimulating them to their optimal rate, thereby healing them, and indeed your whole body.



Two Rivers Magnate School

Two Rivers Magnate School

Thank you for being a part of the annual community resource fair at TRMMS!  We appreciate your bowls[...]
Owen James

Owen James

“As my teacher Marie helped me grow to the next level. Among many other things she helped me unders[...]
James Cody

James Cody

“I appreciate all Marie is for me- from being my emotional support, to all the wisdom and deep insi[...]
Angela Martino

Angela Martino

“I love working alongside Marie- my friend, my mentor. We perform healing sessions often together,[...]

Marie Menut RN, integrates the use of traditional holistic touch therapies with sound. Her love of the Tibetan Singing Bowls led her to the concept of this wonderful modality. Marie’s gift of healing evokes a sense of well being and relaxation in her clients. Healing sessions with Marie before and after surgery help to facilitate an improved recovery. She also finds animals respond positively to her sound and healing touch treatments.

The vibration of sound has a definite effect on the energy field surrounding the body. Sound waves vibrate in reaction to the condition of the energy field. Sound and touch therapies may be used in combination or separately. A client may experience….

  • Relaxation of tension and stress
  • Deeper meditation
  • Lowering of blood pressure
  • Relief of pain

Sound balances a person’s chakras and energy system, helping them to release stress, tension and pain so they may relax and heal. Touch therapies are used in conjunction with sound to enhance the energetic healing, balancing the energy field of the body.

Marie is happy to setup a Vibrational Healing session at her space at your convenience.  Please call for available dates and times.

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